I made the press!

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I cannot claim any credit for finding this, so great thanks to my friend Paul for spotting me in this picture from the Guardian

Independent proof that I was there!

Warming up for April

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Firstly, thank you so much for everyone putting up with the Ricardian fest this past weekend…

My time in Leicester was amazing, and I feel like I’m still processing the fact that I was actually in the cathedral for Compline on Sunday evening. It doesn’t feel real, somehow, having watched so much of the other events on television since. I feel like the Dean of Leicester is a personal friend, having seen him around the cathedral so many times!

Plenty of writing still to be done as a result of that then, but right now, I’m looking forward to April, which has come around incredibly quickly… NaPoWriMo and PoMoSco are calling, and thankfully, for the latter, we’ve been given free reign to make a head-start on our pieces.

Throughout the month, I’ll be posting my NaPoWriMo poems here, as well as linking to my daily PoMoSco piece, uploaded onto the designated website. Feel free to comment away – you will notice some sort of theme, especially with PoMoSco, and hopefully NaPoWriMo too. I have plans…

For now though, I am going to let Jimmy Carr entertain me at the City Hall this evening, ahead of a relaxing weekend of gossip and work on the second draft of the novel.

Until April!

Leicester Day Two – Part Two

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This evening, I had the amazing fortune to attend the service of Compline at Leicester Cathedral, having been chosen in the public ballot. I will try to put this into better words later, as right now, I am still a bit in awe at everything I’ve seen, attended and learnt this weekend. Suffice to say, my head is spinning. But in a good way.
So, I shan’t ramble, and will leave you with an image of the coffin, lying in the heart of the cathedral, waiting for his final resting place.

Leicester Day Two – Part One

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Today has been more emotional than I thought it would be, and that from somebody who was inconsolable at the end of the White Queen. I started the day at the Cathedral, part of a live broadcast for Radio 4. I hadn’t planned entirely on going, but having woken up so early, it seemed a good way to start things off. The Cathedral area was alive, absolutely buzzing, even at 0720!
The service itself was beautiful, and I am so glad I made the effort.
Second stop – the ceremony to mark Richard’s departure from the university. Here, we saw the hearse, heard words from a number of people involved, and saw the hearse leave, starting Richard’s final journey.
Since then, I have managed to do the whole Richard III Walking Tour, and spent far too much in the Visitor Centre gift shop.
And now, I am getting ready for this evening. More later!

Leicester – Day One

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Today has been fantastic – I may have only managed to attend four of the day’s talks at the University of Leicester, but my head is spinning with facts, ideas, and excitement for tomorrow.
There will be two services to attend tomorrow, starting with the formal departure of Richard’s mortal remains from the University, for their day of ceremony. Up to Bosworth and back, commemorating Richard’s final journeys. I’ll be there for the start, to see him off, and will be waiting for him at the cathedral for Compline tomorrow evening.
In between, I am hoping for some themed retail therapy, and to complete at least some of the Richard III Walking Tour.
Currently, I am enjoying a glass of lovely wine, in a hotel on the site of the Blue Boar Inn, where Richard stayed before travelling for Bosworth. Let’s hope I can channel some more inspiration…

My weekend with Richard


I may have been neglecting my blog for a while, sadly, but no more!

I am so excited that this weekend is finally here – my weekend with Richard (III, for those who weren’t aware of my obsession). When it was announced that they had found Richard III’s body in that famous Leicester car-park, I knew I had to visit, and so I did, last August, for what I imagined would be the only time…

A very excited me, by a certain excavated parking space...

A very excited me, by a certain excavated parking space…

And then, I had a very lucky day in December – having entered the public ballot, I was delighted to receive an invite to the service of Compline on Sunday 22nd March. I, of course, said yes.

So here we are, two sleeps from my weekend in Leicester, and I felt obliged to warn you that there may be a lot of random uploads and tweets over the next few days. I have a weekend full of lectures, activities, visits to key places, and most excitingly, a room in a hotel on the site of where Richard last rested his head (battle-camp tents excluded), the Blue Boar Inn. (And no, I won’t be one of those people who have apparently asked which room Richard stayed in.)

Let’s raise a glass to that wonderful parking space where it all began, and look forward to history-filled trip.

That famous parking space...

That famous parking space…

With NaPoWriMo and PoMoSco just around the corner too, here’s hoping for some inspiration!


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Beautiful words from Jess here, and I cannot wait to celebrate the launch with her!

Originally posted on ruby wolf press:

Thoughtful Skies

She remembers standing beneath the Scots pines.

Watching as if time itself stretched up to the sun,

a million needles formed an offering beneath.

Leaves lay like rain, fallen from a thoughtful sky.

To be in their company was to breathe in history

to step through foreign lands to this place.

Where once a seed was unwittingly sewn.

Morning dew released the healing scent of renewal.

Faint wisps of possibility filled the air.

The trees looked down like ancient elders,

shifting with the seasons,

building bridges between soil and sky.

Filled with tidal sap, their green veins must be tapped

beneath the glow of a waxing moon.

Jessica Wortley

From As If We Were The Trees

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