Days 16-18 – #100HappyDays

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This weekend was a much-deserved (in my opinion) weekend ‘off’. Anything in the diary was deleted, and I set out to achieve absolutely nothing. In doing so, I finished my book, drafted some new ideas for poems, and made some new jewellery pieces. So, that’s my photo for today – the new pieces I made for myself over the weekend, with cheesy pop music blaring out to accompany me.

Day 15 – #100HappyDays

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Three simple words – quiet night in! It’s the little things…

Flatworm Tales

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Feeling the need to post poetry today, although I’ll confess it isn’t that recently written… With all the ecology surveys I’m doing at the moment, I was reminded of this, written in a workshop over a year ago, and almost constantly chopped about since!

After Rose, S. (1964) Towards a theory of memory. Discovery.

If you sliced me in half,
would my legs
remember their way back?
Like Blackpool Rock,
do memories run through us,
bound within each cell?

That sea-salt air taste,
the sight of an old haunt –
could it really all fade
through biological quirk,
enemies of the state of mind,
calming the crashing waves,
peeling back fresh-cut grass
until nothing remained?

Day 14 – #100HappyDays

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No photo, but I am happy today because I did not get trampled by cows last night! Bat surveys in the dark, in a field of cows, with your only option being to scramble over a barbed wire fence, are not exactly my idea of fun… But it’s surprising what you can do with a nice bit of adrenaline running through you, and clambering over said barbed wire fence, with only slight support from a colleague to help you!

Definitely one of those “funny when you look back” moments, but not one I am keen to repeat. Hopefully, tonight’s trip to a quarry will be slightly less adventurous…

Day 13 – #100HappyDays

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Today’s photo is of a quote, which I took on Saturday night, when out messing about at Hopkinson’s in Nottingham, at their event “Stop pretending art is hard”. During the evening, we drew pictures (a wind turbine for me), made velcro poetry, and attempted (badly, in my case) to draw self portraits without a mirror. It has proved, if proof were actually needed, that I’m no artist. But it also proved how much fun it is to try anyway…

I wrote my morning pages for the first time in months this morning, as well as trying to get an image down on paper which has been floating around my brain since Saturday. It didn’t come out that well, but at least it’s there, and won’t be forgotten now.

We may never reach perfection, but we’ll certainly have a lot of fun whilst on the journey!

Day 12 – #100HappyDays

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Not a picture today, and a semi-repeat, but today my ‘happy moment’ is that I actually find I have something to add here, rather than a snippet or piece of poetry. On Saturday, my friends and I visited the Richard III exhibition in Leicester (as illustrated by my carpark photograph!), and I have to say, it was an excellent day. The grave-site itself has been beautifully handled, and is displayed with great sensitivity – modern yet elegant, and almost chapel-like in appearance.

The exhibition covers, albeit fairly briefly, the origins of the Wars of the Roses, and the major players in the years up to the Battle of Bosworth, as well as the ultimate fate of Richard (yes, I admit it, I cried…). It then goes into detail about the dig itself, and the detailed analyses undertaken on the skeleton to prove it was indeed Richard III. Personally, I found the facial reconstruction the most interesting element here, as I’ve seen Professor Caroline Wilkinson’s work on television a few times, as well as her reconstruction of Mary, Queen of Scots, and I think it’s a fascniating process. Wonderful to get a glimpse of the man himself, and happily, discover he is as handsome as I wanted him to be when I started writing about him!

Finally, the grave-site itself, as I describe above – really well-presented, and personally, a very moving experience.

So, a happy day today for several reasons: I’ve actually managed to write something decent on my blog; I’m back in the swing of things for editing the novel; I feel rejuvenated after a great weekend away; and we only have four working days to go before it’s time for another weekend!

Day 11 – #100HappyDays

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Robin Hood has always been a sort of obsession for me, from tales made up by my Grandad before bedtime, to my favourite film of all time (despite the dodgy geography and accents!). So I was thrilled to stand outside Nottingham Castle and find his statue. Even more thrilled when I discovered that the original Nottingham Castle was where Richard III spent his last few weeks before heading to Leicester and onto Bosworth.
A very happy bunny indeed…

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