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Blushing ridiculously at Sheree’s incredibly kind words… As you may have picked up from recent posts, the week was absolutely amazing and truly inspirational.
Thanks again Sheree, for a wonderful opportunity.

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Jennifer Wilson, a young writer from North East England, was the winner of our free place this year. She’ll be the first to say how surprised she was about winning the prize but also how much she appreciated this opportunity.

Jen mentioned during the week that she felt the pressure to write and live up to the award. However, I feel she had nothing to worry about as her words flowed freely and excellently well during our time at OZU. It was a great joy to see her opening up, pushing her boundaries and flourishing as she explored her writers’ voice.

Jennifer has kindly offered to share a couple of her creations during the week here. We also hope to have news soon to share about the 2014 Sagra delle Words anthology of writing. Make sure you check back to find out more.


Lake Turano

At lake’s edge, her worries…

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and the poets put their music on!!

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A perfect summing up of a perfect week… Thank you Ozu!

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well, they crossed the door,

they looked inside,

some of them gave and got a big hug.

(some visited us for the second time, which means hugs were absolutely welcomed)

they brought along tea time

and a great wind all the way from the united kingdom.

their british-scottish bubble was so powerful and cheerful

that between the words and their bodies

if you paied close attention

you could have seen

the queen her self,

james bond dressed as sean connery

winnie the pooh

and some fish and chips wrapped with yesterday’s newspaper.

words flew around

were written and rewritten

always black on white

each one of the writers with her own hand writing

signing her personal voice

in transparent and light phrases.

they wrote water, they wrote people, they wrote the past and they captured moments,

poured flesh and bones of their own into their strong and delicate texts.

and we were there

near by

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By the Water

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Last Tuesday, I swam in Lake Turano, with Sheree Mack, Jessica Wortley and Caroline Kemp. It was absolutely magical – as all our post-swim poems showed, there was definitely something special about that morning, that place, and that experience. This poem was started months ago, but completely rewritten after our swim.

By the Water

By the water, we know the people we want to be.

By the water, all is peace:
worries carried off on silver platters
by skittering shards of fish
as we skim our stones.

By the water, souls take flight,
rising on thermoclines
and stolen breaths,
shocked into letting go.

By the water, smiles shine out.
Faces turn to the sun, squinting
against sea-bound diamonds,
icy-blue as the skies above.

By the water, we can’t sit still,
or fight the urge to submerge.
We slip off inhibitions,
and make our leap.

In the water, we are nature,
humbled by our Mother,
feeling small yet mighty,
in her warm embrace.

In the water, we are the people we want to be.

Our little piece of Lake Turano

Our little piece of Lake Turano

Please don’t go …

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Sheree wasn’t the only one brought to tears by this… A lovely (if blurry) end to the most magical week of writing. Here’s to 2015!

Originally posted on Sagra delle Words:

Image by Jessica Wortley

This is my final vision of OZU.

I’m leaving and Liron calls me over to the outside table. She says they have one more thing for me.

They switch on the laptop and start to sing and dance. Please don’t go, by KWS, a 90s disco classic.

I love you
Babe, I love you so
I want you to know
That I’m going to miss your love
The minute you walk out that door

So please don’t go
Don’t go
Don’t go away
Please don’t go
Don’t go
I’m begging you to stay.

It was an emotional moment, a moment that brought me to tears as we had all connected with each other this year. We have fostered a deeper and lasting connection with the centre, the place and the people.

I will miss everyone terribly but I know I will return. I…

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“We’re a lot like lichen,” he says,
our fingers meshing as we wait
outside the emptying church.
“Symbiotic,” he continues – “the whole
is greater than the sum of its parts.”
I nod, think of our secret,
our own growing ecosystem,
and turn my face to the sun.

And we’re back!

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After so many trials and tribulations, I have finally got myself blogging on my phone again…

This week, I am at the Sagra Delle Words writing retreat, in Monteleone, Italy, and my head is spinning with ideas, images, and thankfully, almost complete poems too! Yesterday, we visited Villa Farnese, with its spectacular grotto, complete with artificial rain. Stunning. Happily, poetry can now start to flow again!

And it was all going so well…

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I really shouldn’t set myself public challenges! Losing the ability to post from my phone has scuppered me far more than it should have done, and it feels forever since I last posted… So if anyone has a good WordPress app which works on Nokia Lumia phones, please let me know!

I have been writing, which is the one good thing, and this Sunday, I shall be jetting off to Italy for the fabulous Sagra Delle Words writing course / retreat. My first time in the country, and my first time on such a retreat, so I am very excited, as you can well imagine. I don’t suppose there will be much posting while I’m away, but fingers crossed for my return!

NaNoWriMo is sadly not going to be happening for me this year, but I do feel the need for a challenge (I know, I don’t learn), so I thought I would attempt a re-run of NaPoWriMo, and write every day, even if they don’t quite reach the finished stage. I’m not going to promise to post something every day, but I shall certainly be scribbling!


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