Day 37 – #100HappyDays

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I am not overtly political, and this opinion is entirely from my heart, not my head, but today’s happy moment was waking up this morning to find that Scotland were staying with us.

Thank you, Scotland – things would not have been the same without you…

Day 35 – #100HappyDays

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Pathetic, I know, but today’s happy moment is that my phone has come back, apparently fixed… I shall be able to confirm whether or not this is the case later tonight, but even the prospect of being back ‘online’ is enough to make me smile today.

Day 34 – #100HappyDays


Today, I heard the very exciting news that a poem I entered into a competition about the Scottish Referendum may be included in an e-book of entries. Yes, everyone who entered is being included, but it is exciting none-the-less, and has certainly brightened a very grey day up here.

Day 29 – #100HappyDays

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This is ridiculously hard without my smartphone!!! A sad reflection on modern times…

Today, my happy moment is hearing back from a poetry submission I sent off a couple of weeks ago. I haven’t had anything accepted, but I am convincing myself that it is still a step forward – after all, how can you ever get anything published if you don’t send anything off in the first place? So it is a step in the right direction.

Day 27 – #100HappyDays

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It’s a strange (and perhaps not a good) thing, that I am struggling to exist without my lovely smart-phone, having sent it off this morning to get the poor thing fixed. I mean, the phone I have is still smart to an extent, but with a rubbish camera, and no Twitter or Facebook, I do feel strangely cut off from the world! Hence a shoddy lack of photographs lately…

Hopefully though, there will be photographic evidence this weekend of my ‘Happy Days’ decision today – I am going to join the Panama Swimming Club in Whitley Bay, and see whether I can convince myself I really do want to go in, when it’s a bitterly cold wind, and the rain is smashing against my window. We shall see how this goes…

Day 26 – #100HappyDays

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Not my news, but it makes me happy nonetheless, about the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge expecting another little bundle of joy. I make no secret of being a total and utter Monarchist, and any happy news like this puts a smile on my face!

Day 25 – #100HappyDays

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I have a feeling this is actually only Day 24, but I have had a week of annoying days, followed by two very happy days, so I am not going to quibble, and 25 is such a nice, neat number to get back on track with!

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of spending all day in a lovely back garden, in a workshop run by Sheree Mack, and wrote some pieces which I am really happy with. Also, is there anything better than freshly made soup, and freshly baked cheese scones for lunch on a slightly chilled September day? Bliss…

And this morning, for some reason which I have not yet fathomed, I went for a morning North Sea swim with Jess – it was certainly an invigorating way to start the day, and one which I think I’ll end up repeating a lot! Definitely recommended…

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